Tony Natale

Drummer, Composer, Producer,

Tony Natale – Drummer, Composer, Producer

What if You Did?

Words and music by;  Natale and Heaven

What if your the only one who understands like you do?

Would you share the love around you if you can?

 Tony Natale is a world class, international drummer/composer/educator he has lived and worked in the USA, London England and Germany. More recently he is releasing his second album “The Camden Promise” and will soon be leading and performing with his own band Turnhip. As well as performing with many other amazing artist and musicians. Feel free to contact him for tours, production and teaching. Tony is also very passionate about the environment as well as humanity.

“Feed the poor and starve the war” tn

The Camden Promise
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The Camden Promise – Tony Natale

Latest Release available 22, April 2017. While living in Camden Town London, Tony Natale teamed up with Brian Heaven to write 8 songs and then later with John Idan of The Yardbirds to finish the album. Tony’s rock backround with a thirst for truth and knowledge sparked the lyrics and concepts of these songs. With his experience of living in NYC, NJ, London England and East Germany his perspective of life is unique and original as is his music. With many stories to tell he tells them through his music, while letting his co-writer add to the theme.

Tracks from The Camden Promise

  • Track 1: What If You Did? starts off RnB pop with learning to trust and believe in yourself.
  • Track 2: Nobody,  psychedelic pop rock , it’s you and your mind alone that makes the difference.
  • Track 3: You Love Takes Me Home, African and trancy rock which grounds and centers you in love.
  • Track 4: Promiseman, rock and tribal, with thoughts spoken from Geronimo himself.
  • Track 5: 3 Days On The Road, latin rock, the frustrations and joys of traveling in our times of high security and suspicion.
  • Track 6: U Shine, dance pop and salsa magic, The magic of protecting yourself from the negativity and fears of society.
  • Track 7: Boogie Around,  blues boogie rock, What people will do for success in our culture and times can boogie you around.
  • Track 8: Insanity, my  rock  punk song for this album concerning anger and frustration when dealing with an unhealthy situation and struggling to achieved a win, win result.
  • Track 9: The Way You Walk, motown soul, is about falling in love with life again and opening yourself up for new love to enter your life.
Living With wAR - USA Today
Mountain Tony Natale
Buy this CD below with Pay Pal or digital downloads at Tony’s store page.

Mountain – Tony Natale

Songs from Tony’s “Mountain” CD “Weapons of War” and “Sweatsox” have and are charting at #9 and #10 on the Neil Young, “LIVING WITH WAR TODAY” Website, Along side, JJ Cale & Eric Clapton, David Crosby & Graham Nash, Ben Harper, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Barry McGuire, Nils Lofgren, and Country Joe McDonald. Help promote peace and bring my songs higher up the charts, by clicking on and listening to them below.

Tony wrote and recorded this album with different writing partners while living and performing in the following locations, New York City, London, France and Germany.

All the artwork on the album are original drawings and paintings by Tony. The Mountain CD includes a 12-page booklet containing Tony’s  lyrics, art, stories and adventures in NYC, London and Germany. His intent is to inspire, promote awareness, peace, and uplift through his music.

All songs engineered and mixed by Tony Natale at Drum Track Studio in Gotha, Germany, except, Shake Up the Neighborhood, Bedtime Stories, Don’t You Want a Little Bit More, recorded and mixed at Studio One in New York City. All Along the Watchtower, White Room, Jam to The Skies, recorded and mixed at Music of the Spheres, London, England.

All songs written and produced by Tony Natale for Peacepipe records, except *All Along the Watchtower and *White Room” produced by John Mizarolli and Pete Brown.

Mastered at the Mastering Lab Munich, Germany, by Stefan Gienger.