Tony Natale

Drummer, Composer, Producer,


The Camden Promise album, by Tony Natale

The Camden Promise

Produced by Tony Natale, Released in 2017

Songs written along with Brian Heaven and John Idan.

Mountain Album by Tony Natale


Produced by Tony Natale, released in 2006.

Two songs from Tony’s Mountain CD are charting in the top ten of Neil Young’s “Living With War Today” website out of 3,500 songs. This album includes a 12 page color booklet with lyrics, photo’s and Stories of Tony’s time and adventures in NYC, London and Germany.

Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon, Purple Rain Album 2000.

Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon

Recorded in London, England, in 1999. More recently named the Purple Rain Album.

Produced by John Mizarolli, Pete Brown (Cream) and Reg Presley (The Troggs).

Tony Natale –  drums
John Mizarolli – guitar and vocals
Andy Herbert – bass
Dave Hadley – performs bass on Wild thing and White Room.

Carne Con Chilli, "Road Dog", produced by Tony Natale 2007

Carne Con Chilli, Road Dog 

Produced by Tony Natale 2007.

Featuring songs written by Olaf Jaeger and Tony Natale. A mixture of jazz, latin, blues, boogie woogie, and reggae. Great driving Cd. Only 6 copies left.

Olaf Jaeger – Piano and vocals
Tony Natale – drums

Fairytales, Bedtime Stories Album

Fairytales, Bedtime Stories,

In 1987 New York City Tony teamed up with Susan Rickey (vocals) and Vince Conigliaro (guitar). Together they formed the band Fairytales and composed an Albums worth of smoking rock. This CD was never released because of Susan’s untimely passing but will be available soon in 2017.

Tony Natale – drums
Susan Rickey – vocals, keyboards
Vince Conigliaro – guitars, backing vocals
Eric Boyd – bass

Deep Album

Deep Album

Tony can be heard playing drums on the Deep album, it is a blend of acoustic drumming and electronic drumming and Recorded in Covet Garden, London, England 1997.

Tony Natale – Drums and drumKat
Nick Duckett – guitar
Dipa Joshi – vocals
Evangelis Economou – bass

Mixed and engineered by Alex Borax 

Damien Mc Cabes, Real Feel, Live in Halle!

Damien McCabes, Real Feel, “Live In Halle.”

Raw funky, rocking blues, recorded live on tour in Halle Germany, May of 2000.

Damien McCabe – vocals Guitar

Tony Natale – drums

John Kaethner – bass