Tony Natale

Drummer, Composer, Producer,

Drum Competition

Camine Appice, Anita WMMR Disc Jockey and Tony Natale

Soon after I  won the WMMR/Carmine Appice Drum Off in 1981, Carmine was very interested in how I twirled my drum stick, so I had the opportunity to give something back to the master. From left; Camine Appice, Anita WMMR Disc Jockey and Tony Natale.

Tony Natale was born in Camden New Jersey USA. He began his auspicious career at the age of eight when he first took up drumming. By the age of fourteen he started studying with Charlie Danlute and later with Carl Mattola. As a teenage he was a precocious talent winning first prize in the Carmine Appice Drum competition in Philadelphia, sponsered by Ludwig Drums, WMMR Radio Station and judged by the world famous drummer Carmine Appice and rocks legend guitarist Rick Derringer. He then was awarded a Ludwig Drumset, Zildjian Cymbals, and earned an appearance on the national televised TV show Entertainment Tonight. Tony’s career then continued at pace when he went on to tour throughout the USA and Virgin Islands with legendary outfit The Drifters.

Tony Natale at 8 years old

8 years of age

Rehearsing with High school bandmates. Thanks to my great neighbors for never complaining. At this time Tony also worked with Jade Starling (Pretty Poison) and John Eddie (Columbia Records).

Carmine Appice Drum off, Tony Natale

Competing in Drum Off, twirling his sticks.

Carmine Appice, Drum off prize

When winning Tony received a Ludwig drumset and Zildjain cymbals.

16 years of age

wmmr radio station drum off

Competing in the WMMR Phila Radio Station/Carmine Appice Drum Off.

Carmine Appice congratulates Tony Natale

Legendary drummer Carmine Appice congratulating Tony for winning the drum competition.

GTO convertable Tony Natale

Tony enjoying driving his 1970 GTO convertible.