Tony Natale

Drummer, Composer, Producer,

London, England Ventures

Tony Natale, Shepards Bush Empire London

“Be not the slave of your own past-plunge into sublime seas, dive deep, and swim far, so you shall come back with self-respect, with new power, with an advanced experience, that shall explain and overlook the old.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tony Natale in the European Scene

In 1994 Tony Natale hits the European scene and quickly becomes one of the most transcendental drummers on the London circuit.

In 1996 with Damien Mc Cabes Real Feel, he opens for Canned Head at the Shepherds Bush Empire, tours Irland, UK and Germany. In 1997 with Gywn Ashton he tours the UK, Holland and Belgium. Then 1998 records an album and tours with the Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon.

Tony Natale, Damien McCabe, John Keathner, Berlin 1999

John Keathner – bass, Tony Natale – drums, Damien McCabe guitar/vocals, Invading Berlin Germany May 2000.

Tony Natale, performing in Berlin Germany

Tony Natale performing with The Real Feel, Berlin Germany.

The Real Feel in Ireland

The Real Feel in Dublin, performing at the Temple Bar Blues Festival. From left: Tony Natale, Damien Mc Cabe – guitar/ vocals, John Keathner – bass, Bob Bonsey – tour mang, Holly Roberts – keyboards, 1996.

Tony Natale, Gywn Ashton, Stu Day, Charlotte Street Blues Bar, London.

Around 1997 Tony toured with Gwyn Ashton and much later worked with Stu Day pictured here at The Charlotte Street Blues Bar in London in 2012.

Tony Natale performing in Peterborough, England.

Tony Natale performing in Peterborough, England, with John Mizarolli and Lakis Economou on bass.

London, England – The 1994 and Onward

Tony settled in London where he spent his time performing and recording with such British artist as Polystyrene, vocalist of UK’s famous punk band “The X-Ray Spex’s”, Gilbert Gabriel of the Dream Academy, John Mizarolli guitarist of Ginger Baker’s band “Energy”, Pete Brown of Cream fame, Jamie West Oram of The Fix, Reg Presley of the Troggs, Jimmy Mc Carthy of the Yardbirds, David Hadley (Chuck Berry), Damien Mc Cabes “Real Feel” with whom he toured Ireland, Germany and played in support of Canned Heat. With the Gywn Ashton Band he toured England, Wales, Holland and Belgium, featuring Ener Bladzipper of the Grandmothers on Bass. Tony recorded and performed at the top clubs on the London circuit with the trancey, drum and bassy, techno band “Deep”. Tony later founded the band Turnhip with vocalist Oliver Campana, guitarist Lewis Fielding and bassist Lakis Economou.

Fusilier and Furken Camden Town, London, Tony Natale.
Fusilier and Furken Camden Town, London, Tony Natale, John Mizarolli.

Above; The Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon trio, John Mizarolli, Tony Natale and David Hadley, performing live in Camden Town, London 1998. Later to record The 2000 Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon album with songs produced by Reg Presley, Pete Brown and John Mizarolli. Later to be referred to as the Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon, Purple Rain Album, featuring Andy Herbert on bass.

Mizarolli Axe Phenomenon Album 2000, Later referred to as The Purple Rain album, Tony Natale drums, Andy Herbert and Dave Hadley bass, John Mizarolli guitar.
John Mizarolli, John Mayall and Tony Natale at the Sheperds Bush Empire in London.

John Mizarolli, John Mayall and Tony Natale backstage at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London, England.

British Punk Icon Polystyrene of the X-Ray Spex. R.I.P.

Tony performed with the great British Punk Icon Polystyrene of the X-Ray Spex. R.I.P. On a personal note, “Poly turned me onto being a vegetarian and is the reason why I am still a vegetarian today. Funny how people can touch your life in so many ways.”

Jimmy Carl Black, Tony Natale, Ener Bladzipper, Stephano Baldeseroni, South London.

While band mate Ener Bladzipper was on tour with the Grandmothers, they would feel comfortable staying at my large flat in South London. It was always a pleasure and nice time for me to have them there too. Bunk Gardner used to always cook us up some great vegetarian meals for us. Jimmy would say to me with a big smile on his face while Bunk was cooking, “Tony, we’re in for a real treat tonight man”. And we certainly were. From left, Jimmy Carl Black, Tony Natale, Ener Bladzipper, Stefano Baldasseroni.

 Jimmy McCarthy

Tony met Jim McCarthy at an African drumming retreat Jim was hosting in the country side on England. He then invited Tony into the studio to record some African drums with him for a new age album he was doing at the time around 1995. While Jimmy was on tour with his band The Yardbirds, Jimmy introduced singer/guitarist John Idan to him and later they went on to tour and record together. Tony and John also collaborated on a song for Tony’s album “The Camden Promise” The Way You Walk.

John Idan, Tony Natale, Jorg Fesser on tour in Germany.

The John Idan Band on tour in Germany, 2013. From left; John Idan, Tony Natale, Jorg Fesser.

In 1999 Tony Natale starts a parallel career as a producer setting up Drum Track Studio’s, while co-writing and performing with vocalist Oliver Campana.
Then before relocating to Germany in 2000 Tony founded the band “Turnhip” along with vocalist Oliver Campana, guitarist Lewis Fielding, bassist Lakis Economou.

Tunhip a Tony Natale production.

Turnhip featuring from left, Lewis Fielding (guitar), Lakis Economou (bass), Oliver Campana (vocals) and Tony Natale (drums), 2000.

University in London

During his time living London, England Tony took the opportunity to go to universities and qualify himself as an music instructor, he completed a certificate C.M.T.A. course to teach music to adults at Goldsmiths University of London, and has undertaken a sound engineering course at Westminster College in London. Tony has been a visiting lecturer at Goldsmiths University London and Northumbria University in Newcastle England, shortly after qualifying.

Graduation 1997 Goldsmiths College.

In 2010 – 2014

Tony again began living, performing and recording in London England. Performing with many international  and UK artist. Like Brazilian artist Bruno Nunes of “Save the Amazonia World Band,” performing for 50,000 people at the Brazilian Day Festival in Lisbon, Portugal. And performing live on an international Portugal TV program.

During this time Tony also did recordings and performances with Stu Daye (Alice Cooper) Dave Jackson (UK awarded blues artist), Big Gilson (Brazilian blues artist),  Geoff Everett (UK awarded artist) among many others.

portugal tv
Bruno Nunes
Brazilian Festival
Chalibran in Kingscross

Performing with Chalibran at Water Rats, Kingscross, London , along with Brian Heaven.

Big Gilson, Tony Natale, The Yardbirds club in Grimsby UK

With Brazilian Artist Big Gilson, performing at The Yardbirds Club in Grimsby UK.

Tony Natale, performing blues/rock with “The Geoff Everett Band” somewhere down by the shores of Dover in 2012.
Geoff – guitar/vocals, Kevin – bass.

Carnnaby Street performing with Dan Beauleuirer

Performing at the 12 Bar Club, Carnnaby Street, London, with Dan Beaulaurier, Anna Robinson and Jeremy Mendonca.