Tony Natale

Drummer, Composer, Producer,

New York City Ventures

Advised by Kenwood Dennard in 1985 Tony relocated to New York City where he Studied with Kenwood and later Gary Chester, two of the most sought after teachers in the U.S. Tony then soon became a important figure in the New York music scene. He maintained a busy working schedule recording in studio’s and performing night clubs, including C.B.G.B.’s, The China Club, The Ritz, Woody’s, The Lonestar Cafe, The Limelight, Dan Lunchs Blues Bar, Rock and Roll Cafe, The Bitter End, Kenny’s Castaway’s, etc, etc. Over the years his musicianship and versatility have enabled him to perform with an amazing variety of artists including; Jaco Pastorius, John Fogerty, Hiram Bullock (David Letterman show), Hank Ballard (hit songwriter), Al Greenwood (Foreigner), Cornelius Bumpus (Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan), Dave Sharp (The Alarm), Marc Daine (NYC guitarist), Steve Count (Donna Summer), Michael Powers (Rick Derringer), Irving Louis Lattin (Chicago Blues Artist), Diane Lotny (Dr John), Clair Daily (NYC Jazz Award Saxophonist), Brain Mitchell (Les Paul), also backing Nashville’s recording artist such as David Frizzell, Becky Hobbs with The Bud Moffett band.

Tony Natale NYC Studio
John Fogerty, Tony Natale on drums, China Club NYC.

Tony in his New York City studio at 245 west 14th street.

Tony performing at The China Club in NYC with John Fogerty and Hank Ballard (left), with John Conte on bass, 1991.


Tony’s skills as a songwriter and drummer have been featured with the New York band Fairytales. In NYC Tony teamed up with Susan Rickey (vocals) and Vince Conigliaro (guitar). Together they formed the band Fairytales and created an Albums worth of smoking rock titled “Bedtime Stories”. He can be seen in the bands video “Ginger” aired nationally in the USA.
Tony has appeared playing on camera in the USA on such television shows such as Entertainment Tonight, Sesame Street and as a principal player in a Seagrams Wine Cooler advertisement filmed at C.B.G.B’s.

Fairytales NYC Band
Interview on Stepping Out, South Jersey TV show

Fairytales promo photo for the “Bedtime Stories” album. by Mick Rock

Tony Natale and Susan Rickey speaking about there bands video “Ginger” on the south Jersey’s TV show Stepping Out.

The Biggest Heaven

In addition, he has achieved further accolades as a drummer with the alternative rock band The Biggest Heaven, featured artist on the 1991 New York City Seminar CD. With this band Tony has toured in support of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Peter Maffay, The Violent Femmes, The Fall and the Fleshtones.

Biggest Heaven
Unsigned 1990 Artist NYC CD, The Biggest Heaven, Tony Natale - drums

The Biggest Heaven, from left Kelli Hundley, Peter Conway, Tony Natale, Mark Lee, Rob Bracciale. Managed by Marci Weber.

The Biggest Heaven on the Unsigned 1990 CD, for the New York City Seminar.

The Ritz NYC, opening for The Fall.

The Biggest Heaven opening for The Fall, at The Ritz, NYC 1990. I remember on the first backbeat of the first song my stick broke right in half and flew up up and away. It still makes me smile thinking about this time and many more.

Vic Firth and Tony Natale 2013

While performing and touring with the Biggest Heaven Tony earned an endorsement with The Vic Firth Stick Company and has been very happy with these drum sticks ever since.



It’s still always very exciting for me when I achieve something or get a break, thanks to Vic and everyone at Vic Firth!

NYC Tours

Bud Muffett Band NYC, Tony Natale drums

The NYC “Bud Moffett” band on tour in Macon Georgia 1993, backing such Nashville recording artist as David Frizzell and Becky Hobbs.

Touring Europe with Marc Daine, Steve Count, and Merle Sheppard

Tony on Tour throughout Switzerland backing up Blues singer Merle Sheppard, along with Marc Daine on guitar and Steve Count on bass. When re-entering the USA they formed the Marc Daine Blues band. The “Berlin Wall” came down during this tour in 1989.

Michael Powers in Harlem, Tony Natale - drums

Tony performing in Harlem with NYC Blues artist Michael Powers.

Tony Natale performing with the Terra Blues House Band

Tony performing with the Terra Blues house band, Saron Crenshaw – guitar, Jerry Dugger – bass, on a hot summers night in New York City.

NYC drummers lunch

The Late great Louis Appel RIP, invited Tony up to a drummers lunch in NYC, among other great drummers here.

Marc Daine Blues Band, with Brian Mitchell, Diane Lotney and Stu Woods

Tony performing with The Marc Daine Blues Band in the west village, NYC, 1990. Featuring from left: Marc Daine, Tony Natale, Diane Lotny, Brain Mitchell and Stu Woods.

Michael Powers in Terra Blues, Bleecker Str. NYC, Tony Natale - drums

Performing on Bleecker Street, NYC, at Terra Blues with Michael Powers.

Tony Natale performing with the Terra Blues House Band

Tony perfroming with The Terra Blues House Band, 2009. Jr. Mack (guitar) and Jerry Dugger (bass).