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Drummer/Songwriter/Producer Tony Natale Releases his New Album “The Camden Promise”

USA, August 21, 2017 – International musician Tony Natale released his highly anticipated new contemporary rock album, “The Camden Promise” for Art with Heart Productions. Tony’s new album is one of inspiration and enlightenment. His many influences of Rock, Motown, Funk, Latin, Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Punk, African, and country are integrated in this latest effort.

“The Camden Promise” was released to rave reviews by listeners who embrace the message of the songs and enjoy the album’s many moods. Eight tracks are co-written by Brian Heaven and Tony Natale during sessions in Camden Town, London, England. The final song “The Way You Walk” is written and produced along with John Idan, who is currently on tour singing and playing guitar with The Yardbirds.

Tony Natale has toured in support of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Peter Murphy, The Violent Femmes, The Fall, The Fleshtones, Canned Heat, The Animals, to name a few. Tony has lived and worked as a musician in NJ, NYC, London and Germany, performing with such names as John Fogerty, Jaco Pastorius, Hiram Bullock, Hank Ballard, Al Greenwood (Foreigner), Cornelius Bumpus (The Doobie Brothers), Polystyrene (X-Ray Spexs), Jamie West Oram (The Fix), Gilbert Gabriel (Dream Academy), John Mizarolli (Ginger Baker, Stevie Winwood), Pete Brown (Cream), Reg Presley (The Troggs), John Idan (Yardbirds), and many more.

Says Tony, “I believe music is intended to inspire, enlighten and uplift the listener. I kept this intent while composing, “The Camden Promise.” My mission is to spread peace and love as far and wide as I possibly can through my music, videos, and performances. The new album is part of this message. Spreading light, wisdom, love, peace, and inspiration wherever and whenever possible. My music is intended to build bridges, not walls. It’s intended to break boundaries and create a larger perspective for joy and happiness to enter our lives. My spiritual life and music go hand in hand.”

Performing on this album are hand-picked musicians from all around the world. On bass are Andy Herbert from London, John Idan from Detroit, Anna Robinson from London, Michael Starke from Germany, and Tony Natale playing bass on the song ‘Boogie Around’. On guitar is Brian Heaven, John Idan, Dr. Vince Conigliaro from New York City, Dan Beaulaurier from San Francisco, and Tony Natale performing guitar on “Your Love Takes me Home” and “Insanity.” On piano and keyboards is the talented Murray Goodman from New Jersey performing on ‘The Way You Walk’. Tony Natale plays keyboards on all the other tracks. Vocals are performed by Dan Beaulaurier, singing on seven tracks. Brian Heaven has his debut performance on “Insanity” and John Idan’s tantalizing vocals on “The Way You Walk.” Tony Natale performs all drums and percussion, along with producing, engineering, mixing, and editing the album.

Two songs from Tony’s former “Mountain” album “Weapons of War” and “Sweatsox” charted at #6 and #7 on the Neil Young “Living With War Today” website, out of 3,600 songs.

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